Choose from a variety of packages for your group that includes everything you need to start blasting and having fun!

Kids Blast

Our Kids Blast area and sessions are designed just for kids to have some exciting soft impact safe and unforgettable fun.

birthday parties

Your birthday here will forever be remembered by every guest and all the fun everyone had all together.

Since 1993

What are Gel Blasters?

Gel blaster Guns shoot gel balls. The Gel balls are biodegradable water hydrating pellets. The gel balls are very small initially and need to be 'grown' for use with Gel Blasters.

Gel balls will last for years if refrigerated in water. They will last for months if sealed in an airtight container out of the fridge. Gels leave almost no mess (they shatter on impact and evaporate within hours). If you shoot continuously in one area over a period of time, gel ball fragments turn into a very fine powder that can be vacuumed from your floor, or biodegrades if outside.

Come over and see for yourself how safe and how exciting this will be for you and all your friends.



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